9.0 Metre to 24.5 Metre Cambridge Rolls, 22” and 24” Diameter Rings with Breaker Rings

Folding Combination Drills with Front Hoppers, 4 metres to 6 Metres, all Coulter Types

Simba / Great Plains Cultipress, 3.3 Metres to 8.0 Metres, Pro-Active and Fixed Legs

Folding Power Harrows, 4 Metres to 8 Metres with Packer Rollers

Heavy Duty Rotavators, 3 Metre Rigid and 4 Metre to 6 Metre Hydraulic Folding

Agricultural Dump Trailers, 10 Ton to 20 Ton, Super Singles or Flotation Wheels

Flat Bed Low Loader Trailers, 6 Tons to 10 Tons, Width 2.5 Metres to 3.0 Metres, Length 5 Metres to 8.5 Metres over 6.0 Metres must have Steering Axle

Stainless Steel Water / Liquid Fertilizer Bowsers, 10,000 Litres to 20,000 litres, Single Axle, Tandem Axle, or Artic Dolly

Bunning Manure Spreaders, 6 Tons to 30 Tons, Standard Machines, and High Specification with Weigh Cells

Bunded Diesel Bowsers, Fast Tow and Site Tow, 1000 Litres to 12,000 Litres, 12 Volt and Petrol Engined Pumps

Bunded Fuel Tanks, 2000 Litres to 40,000 Litres, Round and Square Units