5 Ways to Find Used Farm Machinery for Sale

Used Farm Machinery

When looking for farm machinery, most people would prefer to purchase an attractive, shiny new piece of equipment.  However, as with every large piece of farming equipment bought new, it usually comes at a hefty price. There are also the taxes associated with the purchase (although there is tax relief) and as soon as you get it back to your farm, your new machinery has already deteriorated in value, much like a brand new car!  Luckily, there are plenty of options to purchase second hand farm machinery and there are lots of advantages to buying second hand too, as long as you take care to research the sale before signing on the dotted line.

Second Hand Farm Machinery is Cost-Effective

Without doubt, used farm machinery definitely comes at a lower cost.  For example, for the price of one farm machine bought brand new, you could probably buy two pieces of good quality second hand machinery – that’s a cost saving already, especially if you need more than one machine.  You also avoid the depreciation that occurs on a new farm or agricultural machinery because second hand farm machinery has already experienced that initial depreciation in value. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that used farm equipment does usually hold its value, if properly maintained.

So, once you’ve made the decision to buy used farm machinery, the next thing to consider is where to go to find exactly what you want?  It is always best advised to use a reputable second hand farm machinery dealer such as Midlands AgriPlant. Our company specialises in used tractors, harvesting machinery and cultivation machinery (and lots of other types too).  The reason to choose reputation is because you need to make sure all safety checks are in place. You must also have access to the user manual and you need to feel confident that the machinery is operable without posing any dangers, meeting the UK legal requirements.  Of course, there are other second hand purchasing options too; here are other routes you might want to consider when it comes to finding used farm machinery for sale:

Check Your Local Listings For Farm Sales

Your local newspapers and farming magazines will usually advertise used farm machinery for sale.  This used to be the first port of call for farmers’ years ago, as the classified listings were always full of used tractors, used agricultural machinery and similar large-scale farm equipment.  There are also other listing-style websites, such as Gumtree, so you might want to have a look to see what’s available but of course, you should always approach these listings with caution.  For example, if buying through a local listing, make sure that any equipment you look at meets the legal requirements, ask yourself if it’s had all the relevant safety checks?  Is everything in good order?  Has the machinery been well maintained?  Are all the buttons in place?  Have you checked the machinery operates efficiently?  Does the listing supply the manual?  Bear in mind, you will likely need to organise your own transport for the machinery too, which can be costly. Remember, while you might be able to pick up good deal through exploring local listings and even some online listing websites, it’s best to start with a reputable online dealer such as Midlands AgriPlant.

Use a Reputable Second Hand Farm Machinery Dealer

If you want peace of mind (and who doesn’t!), we always say that you can’t get better than a reputable second hand farm machinery dealer, such as Midlands AgriPlant.  Our company boasts extensive experience in buying and selling farm and agricultural machinery across the United Kingdom and even internationally.  We pride ourselves in offering high quality used farm machinery that always meets all legal requirements.  Many farmers located all over the country use our website to source their equipment, even hard to find machinery because of our invaluable connections. We can usually find any type of farming or agricultural equipment required.  Even if an item isn’t available online, there is still every possibility that it can be located and sold at a reasonable price.  Another added bonus is that we offer a delivery service inside the UK and across Europe and with finance options available; our website is one of the best places to procure used farm machinery.

Buying Used Farm Machinery at Auction

Auction was always one of the traditional favoured methods for buying used farm machinery and there are still many in operation today.   Lots of auction houses have outdoor areas to display their equipment and machinery for buyers to view before placing their bids. On the upside, many farm machinery auctions are located close to major roads for easy transportation but largely, buyers must organise their own transportation for machinery won, which can be costly.   Then there are the auction house fees which immediately add to the final price and while bidding, you could find yourself in bidding war – which sometimes ends up with you spending more than you initially wanted to.  On the upside, machinery is checked and should always be in full operable order, with manuals supplied.

Online Auctions for Farm Equipment

As well as traditional auction houses, you can get used farm machinery on sites such as eBay.  Now, the sellers on these websites rely on positive feedback so if you find a seller, check their feedback score. Remember, if other sellers have had issues, it’s likely you will too and with expensive equipment that needs to work well and be safe, it’s paramount that you check the source.  That’s the main issue with online auction, you don’t really have much come back, nor do you have a guarantee and what happens when your machinery fails?  Who do you call?  For large farm machinery, while you might find something at an incredible price on eBay, it’s best to tread with immense caution.  You’d be far better advised to use a reputable online specialist dealing in second hand farm and agricultural machinery, such as Midlands AgriPlant.

Buying Privately

Of course, one way of buying second hand farming machinery is via private owner.  Your neighbouring farm might have something you want for sale or you might find a local advert displayed in the post office or supermarket window.  Remember, buying privately doesn’t come with the same level of protection as you’d have buying from a reputable online dealer, like Midlands AgriPlant.  Machinery might be out of warranty so when it goes wrong, you will likely pay through the nose to get it repaired, or, worse still, have to buy the same machinery again.  Private owners can also disappear after a sale, so do be aware of the risks buying privately because you have less come back and if you do choose to go down this route, do your homework on the seller first.

When buying second hand, there’s a lot to think about.  A reputable seller is essential. Remember, all second hand farm machinery must meet the legal requirements, be in good working order and you should always request the manual.  Before using any second hand farm machinery, check that no parts are missing, there is no damage and where necessary, replace anything that is worn.  Buying a farm machine that is used requires the seller to provide safeguards.  One is PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998).  This means that any equipment you purchase must be suited to the intended use, safe, installed properly and inspected so there is no danger.  All health and safety measures must also be in place, this includes emergency stop equipment, warning markings and that the machinery can safely be isolated from its energy source, if necessary.  As well as PUWER, there is another law, Section 6 of the Health and Safety at Work Act.  This legal requirement requires all machinery to be safe and any equipment bought second hand must be supplied with the instructions.

For more information on buying high quality used farm machinery, contact Midlands AgriPlant here. We are available to advise or answer questions and if a type of machinery you want is not displayed within our pages (https://www.midlandsagriplant.com/product-category/agricultural-machinery/), we can help source whatever you need.